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As dominant platforms continue to construct an unimaginative reality of sleekness, convenience, and extraction, we wonder: How do we Inoculate networks with our consideration and attention, against the flattening, homogenizing forces of the internet?

This second issue of COMPOST magazine takes a step back; widening our scope and probing how we shape digital networks and how they shape us back.

A letter from the editors.
Qubit Guarantee
Kola Heyward-Rotimi
A cybersecurity specialist named Kurt uses his employers' quantum computing platform to help corporations nullify ransomware attacks--but a routine job goes far off-script when he's sent to Raleigh, North Carolina.
Re: Sister
Eeshita Kapadiya and Mrinalini Sebastian
What happens when two women write to each other about food?
Uncivilizing Digital Territories
Current digital technologies are the products of cultures that aren't aligned with nature. Can we subvert them to empower nature-based cultures and strenghten local communities?
Logging Off
Celine Nguyen
A gentle choose-your-own-adventure story about mushroom foraging, coming to terms with Indigenous displacement, and sustaining online community. What happens when the internet brings you closer to nature?
A Confluence of Waters
Andi Wong and Margaret Warren
Two friends build fairy rings with their art, stories and technology. Playing for keeps with The Blue Marbles Project.
Clock Basket No. 1
Benny Lichtner
In which a pair of voices imagine a world without clocks. Best enjoyed with a friend.
Growth Through Replication
Liaizon Wakest
Ritualistic curation of nature into the digital realm.
Reverence for the Spaces In-Between
Sultana Zana is an artist, researcher, mycelial-enthusiast, insect-fanatic, and network-inoculator. We talked to them about redefining value, the dynamism of paranodal space, and learning to see and appreciate what has been made invisible.
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Tangents, fragments, and shoutouts!